An informal conversation between Gustavo Favaron (CEO, GRI Club) and Ashish Khandelia

In a nutshell

Domestic capital warms up to real estate credit opportunities as global alternative funds take the lead to meet the huge credit demand.

Last month at the India GRI 2023, our founder Ashish Khandelia shared his perspective on the real estate industry in India. He touched upon his highest conviction investment theme (credit in residential real estate) and how foreign capital in real estate is in for a long haul. According to him, the interest of Asian capital vis à vis Western capital has been very strong.

Ashish also spoke about his entrepreneurial journey and some key take-aways from the same. 

Watch this interesting tête-à-tête between Gustavo Favaron, CEO and Managing Partner, GRI Club and our founder Ashish Khandelia. 

Click here to listen into the entire conversation.

Source Name: GRI Club

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