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About Earnnest

Earnnest is a platform that lists curated opportunities and connects investors looking for opportunities that are secured, regular paying investments and can generate 5 – 10% more than FDs / Debt Mutual Funds, without the volatility of equity markets.

Team behind has INR 15,000 crores+ of investing experience in doing similar investments for leading global institutions. To know more about our team, please refer to the About Us section.

On the platform, investors can browse:

  • Investment opportunities
  • Review deal documents with detailed information on the opportunity
  • Transact securely online
  • Access their dashboard to see the performance of their investments and underlying projects / assets.

To get started, you need to create an account and sign in.

For any queries/help regarding signing up or for any technical difficulties, please contact us on

Earnnest is an online platform of Certus Investment Management Private Limited (“Certus Capital”) wherein opportunities on alternative assets are presented for investors to review and invest in if they like. Certus’ team of professionals have 70+ years of experience in the Indian real estate investing space with leading financial organizations such as KKR, Morgan Stanley, Kotak, HSBC, CRISIL, etc.

To know more about Certus Capital, please visit:

Earnnest chooses to work with experienced sponsors with good track record and quality offerings. The opportunities offer stable returns through secured debt with moderate risk characteristics or ownership of assets with in-place leasing. Please refer the offering documents of the specific opportunity for more details.

Earnnest provides easy access to investment opportunities that were historically limited to only large institutional investors. The team of professionals driving the business side of Earnnest are ex-employees of KKR, Morgan Stanley, Kotak, Crisil, Centrum with 70+ years of investing experience.

The team will source deals through its established relationships and review each investment opportunity prior to offering on the platform. The evaluation is done through an institutional focused screening process. The platform makes the process seamless – allowing investors to screen investments online, sign legal documents online, and have access to all the documents in one place on their dashboard.

Earnnest investors include professionals, business owners, high net-worth investors, Institutional investors, corporates, trusts, family offices looking for stable returns in high quality investment opportunities. Minimum investment typically starts from INR 10 Lakhs going up to a maximum of INR 5 Crores,  depending on the type of opportunity. Please refer the offering documents of the specific opportunity for more details on minimum investment.

If you have any specific investment requirement, please feel free to write to us at

Returns from an investment will vary in accordance with the nature / underlying risk / structure of the instrument. Please refer the offering documents of the specific opportunity for details on returns.

Earnnest does not guarantee any returns. The deal documents will provide information on the target returns / IRR. Earnnest team will facilitate a due diligence through independent agencies. Risk factors due to markets, force majeure or otherwise can impact target returns and investors should make themselves familiar with these before making an investment.

Investment Opportunities

  • Focus on quality over quantity and evaluate every deal on originating
  • Rigorous institutional focused underwriting process, given Earnnest Team’s investing background
  • Only if it is compelling where it believes there is a better risk/reward equation, Earnnest will select an opportunity to be listed online
  • Comprehensive view of deal metrics, investment performance through single click dashboard

The Investments team reviews the preliminary information, materials and determines whether the opportunity and the investment meet the requirements to be listed on the platform.

The evaluation process includes:

  • Thorough review of the opportunity through a proprietary approach
  • Detailed due diligence through independent agencies with expertise in the relevant space to highlight risks & mitigants
  • Detailed financial analysis/underwriting to determine target returns
  • Review of the track record, reputation and quality of the offerings by the Sponsor/Borrower

Investors are required to create an account and provide basic information (as sought under the My Accounts section) to facilitate investors’ investments in to their chosen opportunities.  The process is self-directional. For any assistance on the same, please reach out to your assigned relationship manager.

Earnnest is only making these opportunities available for investors’ review. Investors’ should review all the information properly and ensure that this is suitable for them before making an investment. 

Yes, you can in multiple opportunities at the same time. The very idea behind Earnnest is to make opportunities more accessible so that you can diversify across multiple investments. Please refer the Opportunities section to find Open Investments.

Post investment information and performance can be viewed by an investor on their respective dashboards.

Periodic updates on investments will be posted on investor’s dashboard. accessible post login. It will display detailed information, providing comprehensive metrics around investments to date, upcoming milestones, and overall return on investment.

Notifications will be sent to investors via email when distributions are made.

Investment & Exit Process

Before investors can start investing, they will need to complete their KYC process, located in the My Accounts section.

For each investment, the documentation will be provided to investors on the process of and bank accounts to which investment amounts have to be transferred. This will be communicated through “Expression on Interest” and “Drawdown Notice”.  Funds for the investment can be transferred similar to specified accounts  through RTGS / NEFT / IMPS.

Earnnest does not collect any money from investors and any money transferred by investors only go to the investment SPV / Borrower directly or investors’ unique VPA (“Virtual Private Account”) created to facilitate investments chosen by an investor.

Any monies distributed by the investment SPVs / borrowers are directly credited to the account provided by the investor during Earnnest’s KYC process or to the bank account linked to the provided demat account. Please feel free to reach out to your assigned relationship manager for any assistance in this regard.

Investors are advised to read the offering documents for each investment opportunity for a better and detailed understanding of the returns and the hold period for each investment to assess the distribution process.

Different opportunities have different expected holding periods. A holding period is the expected time line during which investors will be involved with the investment til the underlying opportunity is fully exited.

Investors are advised to read the offering documents for each investment opportunity for a better and detailed understanding of the hold period for each investment and risks associated with the same.

Investor will continue to remain associated with the Earnnest platform until the exit of all outstanding investments. Upon the exit of all investments, any obligations / payments to be made by the investor will be prompted prior to the exit. Post clearance of the same, an investor reach out to his/her assigned relationship manager to facilitate a closure


For each investment, the investment FAQs will provide a basic explanation of the investment structure and how taxes are likely to work for the same. Most distributions will be subject to TDS deductions. Whenever such TDS deductions are made, a TDS certificate will be provided to the investors. You can reach out to your assigned relation manager for any assistance in this regard. 

Earnnest does not provide any formal tax advice and investors should consult their tax advisors for the same for each investment.


Necessary TDS certificates and related documents will be provided by respective SPVs / Sponsors and may also be available through your dashboard on Earnnest. You can reach out to your assigned relationship manager for any assistance in this regard. 


Only users who are investors on the Earnnest platform are eligible for referral payout.

0.5% of investment commitment amount is payable to both parties on successful investment by your referred friend.

Send an email to with the contact details of your referred friend.

Yes, there is a maximum cap of INR 50,000 per referral for each party.

For example, if you friend investment an amount of INR 10 Lakhs, both parties will get INR 5,000 each.

If the investment amount is above INR 1 Crs, then the maximum payout for each parties would be INR 50,000

There is no limit on the total number of people you can refer in your network.

On successful investment by your referred friend, the payout shall be credited to the respective accounts within 15 working days.

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